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Background information on Ndege Chai Housing Cooperative Society

Ndege Chai Housing Cooperative Society was registered on 6th August, 2004.

The cooperative membership stands at 17,000. According to the By-Laws, and any person above 18 years of age, residing within the republic of Kenya is eligible to be a member of the cooperative.

The Society is governed seven(7) Central Management Committee members , three(3) supervisory committee members and one (1) one staff member whose title is The Housing Manager.


A model investment cooperative enterprise that improves members lives.


To prudently mobilize funds for affordable and sustainable investments through partnerships that inspires self reliance, growth and optimism

Core values

The values that will be observed in our daily endeavors as we strive to achieve our goals and objectives are;

  • Competitiveness
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Respect for diversity
  • Teamwork

All the other universally recognized cooperative values as entrenched in the cooperative Society’s bylaws


The objects of Ndege Chai Housing Cooperative society are:

  • To provide for its members living accommodation within the area of its operation at a fair and reasonable price together with such ancillary services as roads, drainage, water and light and together with facilities for physical and cultural recreation and all such other matters as are usual customary and desirous for building estates, blocks of Eats or single dwellings and
  • To carry out all the acts and functions necessary to achieve the objects of such a cooperative society under the permissible laws.


According to the available statistics, the membership of the cooperative society stood at 17,000 as at the time of drawing the strategic plan, having risen from 12,000 members eight years ago.

The said members are drawn from various units such As James Finlays ltd, Sotik high lands Multinational Tea Farms, Naivasha Flowers, Lemotit Flowers, Nandi Tea Estates, Wiliamson Tea, Tenderet, Kapchorua, Kaimosi, Outgrowers, Dairy Farmers, Business Community, Kericho Tea Secondary School, Kericho Primary School, Hiland Academy, Moi Tea High School, Holy trinity, Chesumot, Mau Tea, Kaisugu Factory, JKIA Nairobi and Finlays Mombasa.

Benefits of joining the society

  1. Enjoy share dividends when declared
  2. Assured safety on shares contributed
  3. Attractive investment opportunities with investment project, such as buying and selling of plots to members.
  4. A member starts enjoying dividend once housing loan is approved and transferred as shares.
  5. Investment opportunities for members to buy plots and land at fair prices in future.
  6. Sacco is managed by a committed management board and staff.
  7. Its member owned and customer focused
  8. Housing affords members an opportunity to save for retirement.

Returns from the Investment and benefits to the members

Last year we were able to pay 3% on rebates to members and the same members approved capitalization of the divided to enable the board to seek funds to jump start other avenues of raising revenue for the society.

Ownership and Governance

Ndege chai sacco is owned by members (shareholders) one member one vote criterion. Membership currently stands at 17,000. Members are required to own a minimum of sh 5,000 shares for one to qualify to be issued with a share certificate as stipulated in the by laws.

Out of ksh 100 million shares that were offered to the members targeted to generate funds to put up the building. The members contributed 75% and 25% was taken up by Sacco. However new members are required to contribute sh 500 as the entrance fee which is payable ones.


The Society is governed by 10 Board of directors one staff, out of the 10 board; three are seconded from Ndege Chai Sacco owing to 25% stake. These board members are elected by the delegates and delegates are elected by the members. There are 50 units and each unit is represented by delegates who are elected by the members. In every electoral zone one delegate represents two hundred members and a maximum of four delegates per unit.

The management of the Society’s affair is guided by the amended bylaws and policies in place, whereas the relationship between the Ndege Chai Sacco and Housing is as stipulated in the MOU drawn to guide the relationship between the two societies, this centre’s on prudent management and teamwork among others.